3-Season Sunrooms

Our 3-Season Sunrooms offer you state of the art engineering with the most attractive modern and classical designs along with thermal performance that is equaled by no other sunroom company.

The all-new ‘Hybrid’ 3-Season Sunroom is the only room addition of its type and the only one designed to perform as good as it looks! We have partnered up with Sunspace to offer you the best, customizable, modular units that are built upon request and designed specifically to cater to your needs and property type. Sunspace Sunrooms will add not only a relaxing and beautiful space to your home, but also increase the value of your property! Contact us today for more information.

Browse through some examples below for inspiration and give us a call to discuss the possibilities.

The World’s Finest Sunrooms Meets the World’s Finest Windows

Bring the outdoors into your home with our classic three-season sunrooms that provide an ideal space to enjoy nature during spring, summer, and fall. We can create this room to be joined to your home and easily closed off by a sliding door or folding glass wall when not in use. We engineer our sunrooms from the finest products guaranteeing sleek and clean lines, with extra-large glass that lets in plenty of light and protects you from wind, bugs, rain, and harmful UV rays at the same time.

The best part about sunrooms is that there are so many different designs and options to choose from. Homeowners who are getting a sunroom for the first-time may be hesitant about what design to choose for their home, and that’s when our experts step into the picture.

Fully Customized Sunrooms

All our three-season sunrooms feature custom manufacturing, quality design, and installation, and exceptional customer service throughout the project. It is fully customizable, and you can choose the type of sunroom window system that you want, along with patio sliding doors or storm doors.

Our experts can create customizable sunrooms that suit different budgets and uses, and we will work with you from start to finish, create, and install your ideal room addition.

Hybrid Sunrooms Options

• CONSERVAGLASS SELECT Glass Roof or Insulated Solid Roof Models
• Energy-Efficient Double-Hung, Casement, Sliding or Picture Windows
• Your choice of a Studio, Cathedral Roof or Conservatory Design


A three-season sunroom, also known as a three-season porch or a sunporch, is a room that is designed to be used for three out of the four seasons. It is typically enclosed with glass or screens and is not insulated, which means it is not heated or cooled. It is a great addition to a home if you want to enjoy the outdoors without dealing with bugs or other outdoor elements.

A three-season sunroom provides many benefits, including: (1) additional living space, (2) increased natural light, (3) improved ventilation, (4) protection from bugs and other outdoor elements, (5) added value to your home, (6) a space for relaxation and entertainment, and (7) a connection to the outdoors without being fully exposed to the elements.

A three season sunroom is designed to be used for three out of the four seasons and is not insulated. A four-season sunroom, on the other hand, is designed to be used year-round and is insulated, which means it can be heated and cooled. Four season sunrooms are more expensive than three season sunrooms, but they provide more functionality and can be used in any weather.

Three season sunrooms can be built using a variety of materials, including aluminum, vinyl, and wood. The type of material you choose will depend on your budget, your style preferences, and the climate where you live. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to work with a reputable sunroom builder to determine which material is best for your needs.

The answer to this question will depend on the specific regulations in your area. In many cases, you will need a permit to build a three-season sunroom, especially if it is attached to your home. It is important to check with your local building department to determine the requirements for your area. A reputable sunroom builder can also assist you with this process.

The average size of a three-season sunroom is around 15-20 feet in width and 12-16 feet in depth. However, the size of your sunroom can vary depending on your specific needs and the space available on your property. A reputable sunroom builder can work with you to determine the ideal size for your three-season sunroom.

Yes, a three-season sunroom can be used as a home office or exercise room, if it is comfortable enough for you to work or exercise in. While a three-season sunroom is not insulated, you can still use it in the spring, summer, and fall, as long as the temperature outside is comfortable.

No, a three-season sunroom is not designed to be used year-round. It is not insulated and does not have heating or cooling systems, which means it may not be comfortable during extreme temperatures. However, you can add portable heating or cooling systems to make the room more comfortable during mild weather.

Yes, you can customize the design of your three-season sunroom to match your personal preferences and your home’s style. You can choose from various colors, finishes, and styles to create a unique look for your sunroom. Additionally, you can choose to add features such as ceiling fans, skylights, and electrical outlets to make the space more functional and comfortable.

The timeline for building a three-season sunroom will depend on various factors such as the size of the sunroom, the materials used, and the complexity of the design. On average, it can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks to build a three-season sunroom. Your sunroom builder will be able to provide a more accurate timeline based on your specific project.

The cost of a three-season sunroom can vary greatly depending on factors such as the size of the sunroom, the materials used, the features added, and the location of your home. On average, you can expect to pay between $10,000 and $50,000 for a three-season sunroom. It is important to work with a reputable sunroom builder to get an accurate quote for your specific project.

Three season sunrooms require regular maintenance to ensure they remain in good condition. This includes cleaning the windows and screens, wiping down the frames and surfaces, and checking for any signs of damage or wear. It is also important to seal any gaps or cracks to prevent drafts or leaks. Your sunroom builder can provide you with specific maintenance instructions based on the materials used for your sunroom.

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