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    SAFETIEM BARRIERS – The best solution for your business!

    SAFETIEM glass partitions and screens protect the health of your employees and your clients from contagions in all areas of your business. Now more than ever, both employees and customers need security in their personal interactions.

    SAFETIEM products provide maximum protection along with an elegant and functional design. Their modular design and flexibility allow them to be used in any space and situation. Glass is used in our partitions because of its beauty, transparency, durability and easy cleaning.

    SAFETIEM is the highest quality solution to protect us from contagion.


    Minimal space occupation. The clamps take up a minimal space on your table or counter and the floor bases design prevent from tripping.

    Easy maintenance. They can be cleaned with disinfectants or any other kind of cleaning product maintaining its initial transparency.

    Multiple configurations. Thanks to its modular design, the screen configuration possibilities are endless, as they adapt to any need.

    Greatest stability. The supports and fixing elements are designed to give the maximum stability to the screen.

    Customizable. Easy to personalize with vinyl lettering, stickers, colours or any decoration for glass.

    Cleaner. Unlike plastic materials, glass does not acquire static charge and does not attract dust.


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