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Ideas for Building a Sunroom

Looking for ideas to build a sunroom in Vancouver, BC? We have got you covered. This blog is written to answer some of the FAQ’s we have encountered within past few years. Still, if you would have questions after reading, you are welcome to contact us.
Sunroom is one of the most useful and inviting areas that you can create

Choosing a Location

Most sunrooms are located on the south side or the southwest corner of a home to take advantage of the sun’s rays especially when days are shorter. If you have minimal landscaping area and simply want to extend your outdoor living when the weather is cooler or inclement, considering a patio cover and sunrooms with vinyl walls that roll up and down according to your wishes is one way to create an inviting but informal space.

Sunroom Ideas

Most sunrooms are used for relaxation in addition to taking advantage of the sun, but giving a definite purpose to the area will go a long way towards design. and decor. Because many sunrooms are built with floor-to-ceiling windows, it’s a good idea to include shades to mute the brightness and keep the area cooler on hot summer days. At the other end of the range, if you love to look at the night sky, you may want to consider a glass ceiling or skylights to look at the stars and the moon on clear nights.

Second Dining Room
One of the most popular options is turning your sunroom into a second, more informal dining room, particularly if you enjoy dining al fresco during the summer.

Atmospheric Choices
Seaside or beach themes are also very popular and particularly appropriate if you live in a coastal area. Wood beams, light colored plywood walls and driftwood accents work well as do certain types of stone. For a more rustic look, try brick walls and darker, repurposed wood for floors and exposed beams. If you plan on using your sunroom during colder weather, include a fireplace, especially if you don’t plan to extend central heating into the area.

The experts at Four Seasons Sunrooms will be happy to discuss your options and help you design your perfect sunroom. Call us today at 604-526-2699 for your free quote.

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