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Glass Curtains – Single Glazed Sliding Wall System

Our folding glass walls will open up your living space by folding onto itself! This allows you to open up the room on the nice days while keeping out the weather on the bad ones.

Browse some examples below and give us a call to find out how we can make your vision a reality!

Features and Benefits

– No need to have a clearance zone around the system to operate. The panels slide independently on their track and pivot out perpendicular at the extreme left or right side of the installation. There is no need to move furnishings. They can be placed within inches of the track without hindering the operation of the panels.

– Because the panels operate individually, they can be staggered, opening the panels independently for fresh air, as little or more as needed.

– There are no vertical frames to obstruct the view. 

– Nice, clean lines and minimalistic effect are unique to this patented system. Does not change the façade of the building and can be mounted inside an existing railing. 

– Glass Curtains are bottom weighted and not top hung. The system does not require an increased capacity support header because the system does hang down as most do. It relies on the floor for support, which gives increased strength, stability and avoids the typical future issue of sagging headers which eventually lead to service issues.

– The panels can stack to the left or the right and can be installed to swing in or out depending on the client’s needs.

– There are no moving components. The system requires very few parts that are made of Nylon 6 and will not corrode. The system requires virtually no maintenance making it very user-friendly and cost-effective.

– The system can be virtually sealed to enhance the comfort on the patio all year. The ¼” gap between the glass panels can be sealed with mohair or a PVC strip.

We are the cost-conscious homeowner’s solution for quality exterior home enhancements and promise to offer you great value for your home improvement budget. Inquire today for your free quote!

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