Aspect Aluminum Bifold Door

There are 26 different configurations and a bottom rolling system transfers the weight away from the top of the opening.

Fully tempered 1” insulating CONSERVAGLASS SELECT™ for superior energy efficiency, security and noise reduction.

Simple, yet sophisticated floating rollers ensure effortless operation as wheels move through tracks. Innovative hinge system provides lifelong adjust-ability.

Clear anodized thresholds, along with covers and guards work to remove debris from sloped racks and eliminate debris through drainage cavities.

Unparalleled Security— Slimmer frames will fit unobtrusively beneath glazed panels and irremovable concealed locking pins provide maximum security to give you peace of mind.

Multi-point lock handle set matches to door colors (bronze, white, sand tone).

Aluminum Clad – Bifold Door

By bringing both our timber and aluminum systems together, we have created the Ali-Clad folding sliding door, an aluminum system clad internally with hardwood solid timber.

It offers a strong, durable and maintenance free finish outside while still providing the warmth and character that timber brings inside.

Discreetly locked on timber profiles. Thicker than standard aluminum walls for greater strength.

No nailed on glazing beads. Dual color, RAL coated frame & spray finished (or untreated) timber. Timber anti-rot and anti-fungal treated.

Bi-folding doors are two doors that fold in half to open and close for people coming in. These doors can either be triggered by sensors to open or be done by hand. Bi-folding doors have grown increasingly popular in several buildings like restaurants, airports, hospitals, and even hotels. These types of doors are gaining in popularity because of its exquisite presentation.

Bi-folding doors are not only classy but give an aura of professionalism and present others with a style of trust and credibility in what they do. It is an impression that sticks the landing as it looks incredibly elegant to visitors. Apart from looking presentable,bi-folding doorshelp create space for large groups of people to walk through at once.

These doors are versatile and can be installed into many fronts easily in a lined or fixed style. We offer an extensive range of materials in our bi-folding door installations to ensure that you get panoramic views of the outside and seamlessly merge indoors with the outdoors.

Excellent Collection of Bi-Folding Doors

Four Seasons Sunrooms & Windows are the leaders in designing and installing custom bi-folding doorsfor homeowners and businesses in Vancouver. If you want to transform the indoor space in your home, get in touch with us today.


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