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4 Tips for Having a Perfect Pergola

Pergolas definitely look attractive and are an asset to someone’s home. Imagine relaxing in your backyard that is protected by a pergola. Pergola, being amongst the modern landscape design trends, can fulfill all the desires of homeowners to sit and relax in the outdoors. Here are a few essential tips for ideal pergolas, so that it is easy for you to make an appropriate choice when planning to install one:

  1. Protection from the Sun: Anytime you select a pergola for your home, take into account that it must be able to provide you protection from the sun. They must create comfort for you in the hot weather and also provide protection to your outdoor furniture from the heat and direct sunrays. Pergolas must be selected based on their ability to reduce direct sunlight from negatively impacting us.


  1. Grow Plants: Always go for pergolas that can be used to hang plants from or grow vines on. Wouldn’t it be a spectacular view to have a grape vine growing in your backyard? You can grow any plant that you prefer, the ones that bear fruits, flowers or ones that simply provide aesthetic beauty.

If you are planning to grow plants from your pergola, choose the one that is compatible with the types of plants you intend to grow. At all times, verify that the location where the pergola is setup, is suitable for planting as some plants love direct sunlight, and some don’t.

  1. Consider the Pergola Size: If you are planning to extend your existing living space, make sure that your extension is sufficient to suit your requirements. What is that space going to be used for and how large do you want the pergola to be? In case you have quite a sizeable family, or you often have lots of guests visiting you, make sure that the pergola to be installed should have ample amount of space for seating purposes. Your outdoor furniture must fit-in easily!


  1. Choosing the Color of Pergola: Pergolas are made using a number of materials like wood, aluminum, vinyl and so on. They also are available in distinct colors and you can choose the one that you like the most. Pergolas made from timber can easily be painted with the help of an exterior paint, and you can choose to match it with your house color. In case, you want it to stand out distinctively from the rest of the house, go for an absolutely unique color or keep the timber raw as it originally came.

Want to go wild with colors on your pergola? Choose the color that would stand out dramatically and let it be the center of attraction for everyone. There is absolutely no need to keep the pergola simple and make use of conventional colors only, go vivid but keep in mind that conventional options tend to remain in trend for longer periods of time. At the end, the choice is completely yours.

Want to install a pergola in Vancouver BC? Have a particular pergola design on your mind? Let us at Four Season Sunrooms know about it and our team can create a perfect one for you.

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